Sing Be and be Be together

December sixth is the feast of St Nick (Santa Claus for the Anglophone
culture) for much of northern Europe and has been called the children’s

I am a musician, and I feel strongly that is the appropriate date to create
an international movement towards song together. A kind of wave that will be
given life to the east of our beautiful planet and will danse happily across
the earth (in the words of songwriter Jacques Prévert). The idea is to sing,
in unison, one note, to be in tune with each other and to create a common
vibration. I am making reference not to mystical fabulations, but to
scientific data.

A « B » then, to get us together, a note of hope called « the leading tone » in
C major. A « Si » for the Hispanic population with a different meaning but one
just as positive. A « Si » for the francophone population who consider it a
« what if? » as well as the « sensitive note » in C major.

The goal is to create a bond, a moment for sharing and creating smiles for
our children. For all the children of the world who cower in fear and misery
under the weight of debt or bombes.

After this note all together, everyone should keep singing. Find a song to
sing with family, with friends, with neighbours. His or her favourite songs
whether they are part of a choir or not.

B . . . the sixth of December at 6 pm. Sing a note of hope. Join us.

Sing B and be Be together.

Special thanks to Aviva

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