Trip to the Pinder circus

Last Thursday (january 10th) was an early start for all the CP classes, teachers and parents of Ledreux.

At 7am we met at school and excitedly climbed into 2 coaches (leaving most of the parents behind), and headed to the east of Paris for a trip to the Pinder Circus, which is one of the biggest in the world, created in the UK by William and George Pinder in 1854, and moved to France in 1904.

After two long hours in traffic jams (long for the parents and teachers, barely noticable for the children) we arrived at the Pelouse de Reuilly along with thousands of other school children from the Paris area, and the show began. We were amazed by the lions and tigers, the « exotic » animals, including llamas, camels, a zebra plus a few donkeys and horses for good measure. Then after one daring balance act, two large elephants, three hilarious clowns (definitely the childrens’ favourite), four spectacular acrobats, and five fabulous trapeze artists, our hour of great circus fun was over.

Back on the bus for a rather more subdued and shorter journey home, and just in time for the children to eat their picnic lunch at school and fill in their ever-growing « Cahier du Cirque ». Although it may appear to have been a purely fun adventure, the trip was also very educational and is a forerunner to the « Ecole du Cirque » which will take place in Maisons-Laffitte this coming May, when our budding CP circus performers will do a week’s circus workshop culminating in a show by the children themselves on the Saturday evening. Que le spectacle commence !

(No animals, children, parents or teachers, exotic or otherwise, were harmed in the writing of this article…)


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